Seeing people succeed fills my heart with joy!

Strategic intervention Life Coaching works by taking the time to understand a person or group of people, with no other agenda, understand their objectives, dreams, goals, relationships, and world, and help them achieve what they desire most in life. This is often something that people haven’t experienced before…

I love receiving messages like the ones below…

Hi Alastair,

Thank you very much for the session we had the other day I got loads from it, a big shift took place on which I am still building. The meditation was really useful and seems to be working a treat….I use it each time that ”voice” comes up telling me what I ”can’t” do.

I am back in touch with my infinite self again and I can see how much I am able to do. I will most happily recommend you to anybody that needs help getting unstuck in their lives or who just want to find out more about how to use their full potential.

Again a big thank you and I look forward to our next session

Best wishes


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From Maja who lives in Slovenia:

Hello, my dear friend!

I can only say that the conversation with you helped me enormously.

So, my problem was money. Not enough. There was always a shortage.

I have been in debt for years. I tried everything to bring my finances in order.

Despite an intensive search for solutions, with much effort and my spiritual knowledge I have failed over and over again. I was on the verge of despair.

After 2 hours of conversation with you it became clear what the causes of my problems are:

  • The wrong focus (on my debt)
  • My low self-esteem (I am not good enough)

and one more thing – money is not spiritual.

Now I feel myself completely different.

My self worth has changed. Now I have a new picture of my ideal clients.

I have a new focus.

I am clear about what I do want and what I don’t.

I also have the commitment to repay debt, but in small steps.

From the smallest to the biggest. This is huge!

And what helped me the most?  Your support!

You had a picture of me in success (you told me after) and I felt this so strongly.

I felt my shift because of this.

Thoughts and feelings are really powerful, aren’t they?

And we are so connected.

Things in my life are now starting to take place in a completely new direction.

I feel like a new person.

Now I know I CAN DO IT!

Thank you SO MUCH!


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